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The cofounder of Chef is cooking up a less painful DevOps

Episode Summary

Chef cofounder Adam Jacob joins the home team to discuss the problems with the current state of cloud infrastructure, what engineers need but aren’t getting, and why he’s focused on creating a new and improved approach to infrastructure automation.

Episode Notes

Adam is the cofounder and former CTO of Chef, which provides DevOps automation tools that help configure, deploy, and manage application infrastructure, including security and compliance.

Adam’s new venture, System Initiative, reimagines infrastructure-as-code as collaborative, open-source software. See what they’re up to on their blog, starting with Adam’s article DevOps without papercuts.

If you’re interested in playing with a developer build of System Initiative, submit your information here. You can also join System Initiative on Discord (and keep an eye on their open positions).

Connect with Adam on LinkedIn or Twitter.