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Digging into Deno 1.0

Episode Summary

This week we chat about Deno 1.0, a new runtime for executing JavaScript and TypeScript outside of the web browser. Plus, Stack wins a Webby for best Community website, and the ins and outs of copying other people's code the right way.

Episode Notes

You can read up on Deno 1.0 here.

The star-studded ceremony for the 2020 Webby's can be watched on repeat here (not that we're doing that...)

This is the Wired story about Lee Holloway, a brilliant coder who helped build Cloudflare, but then mysteriously fell into decline. It's a sad but beautifully written tale.

Thanks to Stack Overflow user htamas for saving a question and winning a lifeboat : Gradle project refresh failed, unable to get the CMake.

Ryan's piece on how coders beg, borrow, and steal can be found here.